The Mission...

Over the next 4 years or so, I am aiming to read a book from every country in the world, by a native author. I am researching and sourcing new names to me (and I hope to you too), and following my successful completion of a book, I will attempt to review it in a fair and unbiased way. I will attempt to avoid mysteries, detectives, sci-fi and such like; I am trying to find a feel for each country; it's geography, history and, sometimes, the politics.

The Sources...

I have used the internet to establish the list of 257 countries and I have decided that I must be flexible with this number. Over the next few years, there will be independent countries formed or absorbed, and authors going into or returning from exile. Therefore, I will choose a native from that country, writing about that country, but not automatically residing in that country. As for the books themselves, I am using Kobo as my electronic reader, Goodreads as my initial author search, and now, hopefully, I will get some input from my audience.  I will try and add a link of other authors and books from that country with each post. 

...and lastly

If you would like to, you are more than welcome to add the names of prospective authors, books or publishers via the comments page. On the advertising bit, if you would like me to include your book, company or publisher, then I am more than happy to discuss your requirements. And so, like Mr.Pickwick, who went off to see the world (but only got as far as Ipswich) I am gone. I'll see you all in...?

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